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Digitek Video Slider DSR-100C is suitable for any movie camera, video camera, digital camera or other photography equipment. It High Density Slide Rail provides shake-free stability & support to cameras while shooting. 4 supporting feet can manage separately for height adjustment to satisfy the different needs of the terrain photography. Adjustable damping System& Flexible Regulator Lock to achieve the best shooting.

1. Length: 100 Cm
2. Max load 7 KG
3. Includes 3/8″ and 1/4″ Mounting screw
4. Quick, Smooth and Precise. Easy to setup with carrying case
5. Can not only get straight horizontal shots, but also can sloped on a
tripod, vertically put on a tripod, used as a crane on a tripod, or even
attached on two tripods for professional photography.
6. Camera shooting from different angle in filming by this slider.
7. Eagle-Claw Feet design makes it more Anti-skid & stable while filming.

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